Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why Learn the Piano

Why Should You Learn The Piano?
People ask me all the time why I learned the piano. I could give them a thousand reasons for why. However, it all boils down to that the piano seemed exciting to me. To learn all of the songs I liked to listen to and to be able to play an instrument fluently.

Well this particular website was not made to master the piano, but to teach a huge aspect of it. Basic chords are a huge part to every song. In fact most pop songs today are made of 4 chords. If you can play 4 chords, you can play literally millions of songs. I have a short yet funny YouTube video about chords and I urge you to watch it.

Axis of Awesome. They're hilarious.

See what I mean? There are so many songs out there to learn if you just know the basic chords. However, for some that may not be enough reason to learn chords for the piano. So I've come up with a  list of steps for why you should learn the chords for the piano. Everyone should learn them.

Reason 1: It will impress the hell out of people.
Have you ever been to a party or social event where someone is rocking out on a guitar or piano? I have and in fact I've been that guy. Everyone loved me for giving an impressive performance. They all came up to me afterward saying I must have worked years on mastering that song and that I was a master piano player. Actually, I spent only 10 minutes memorizing the chords and adding a little of my own style to that. It literally took me 10 minutes to learn a song and impress all of my friends

Reason 2: Once you master the basic chords, songs will take 10 minutes to learn. 
In my previous story, I said that I spent 10 minutes on memorizing the chords and then I could play the song. Well it's true. Songs are mostly made up of 4 chords. Memorize 4 chords and you've got the whole song.

Reason 3: It will make you smarter.
Studies have shown that if you pick up an instrument, at any age, you will become smarter. It increases that amount of neurons you have in your brain and it will make you more creative.

Reason 4: It's fun. Plain and simple.
After work I always loved just sitting down at my piano and playing a song that I just heard on the radio. That's right, if you learn the chords and practice enough, you can play practically any song on the radio quite easily. It just gives me such a good feeling to play piano and I enjoy it a lot.

Reason 5: It's easy.
Is learning to play the piano easier than other instruments? Definitely. Having learned guitar and violin, I can say that piano was the easiest out of all of them and helped me form the basis for playing other instruments well. With that said, does piano take lots of practice to learn? Yes. However, learning the basic, beginner chords first will make learning the piano as a breeze and make it fun.

Now, did that convince you? I'm going to be giving you a list of tips and tricks to master the basic chords. I will go through all of the chords individually so you can get them down. It's quite simple really and once you're done you'll be able to play plenty of songs.

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