Monday, October 1, 2012

Chords A major and B major On Piano

Chords A Major and B Major On Piano
Today we will be learning how to play major chords A and B on the piano.  Chord A major starts on the A note and chord B major starts on the B note of the piano. I will explain more in depth below. Here is a picture of the C-scale with notes on a piano.

So from above, you can clearly see the notes of a piano all labeled. They go in alphabetical order from A - G. For all of the chords we are learning, each of them will be played with three fingers. Basic chord theory.

A Major Chord
This chord is very simple to learn. You want to put your first finger on the A note (if you need a reference look at the above picture). Put your third finger on the second note on the black key C# or Db note. They are both the same thing. Finally put your fifth finger on the E note. Now play them all at the same time and you have your first chord, the A major chord!

B Major Chord
This Chord is a bit more complex than the A major chord. The fingering is a bit different than the A chord (I will be going over fingering in a later post). You should put your first finger on the B note. Put your third finger on the D# or Eb note. Again, these notes are the same. Finally, put your fourth finger on the F# or Gb note. Notice how you have to use your fourth finger when playing the last note. Play these together and you have your second chord, the B major chord!

Practice these chords!
Practice these chords as practice makes perfect, especially when learning chords! Remember, if you learn four chords you can play thousands of songs. Next time we will be learning the C major and D major chords, stay tuned.

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